Welcome, my name is Dr. Cole Bradburn. I'm so glad you are here, I have spent my career studying best practices in health and wellness so I could have the opportunity to share them with you. My personal mission is to help people live well through asking better questions, keeping a healthy nervous system, and empowering self-responsibility for their health.

A little more about me:

For the last decade I have spent my life studying and observing health. I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri Honors College, and continued my doctorate work at Logan Chiropractic College in Saint Louis where I graduated Cum Laude. Since then I have been helping people live better lives in private practice. In this time, I have learned to look at health as the normal state of a person versus seeing them as sick and diseased.

This was a revelation, because it made me ask different questions, like "What is keeping me from experiencing health?" instead of "What do I have, what is my diagnosis?" These questions lead to empowering answers! Another person does not fix you when you're broken (taking all power and responsibility away from you), you take action for creating your health and you will never have to live with disease.

When I am not helping people get out of pain, maximize their nervous system and reach their health goals, I am spending time with my great love Casey and our little boy Cillian. As a family we can often be found in the many parks around Raleigh, reading a good book, or enjoying a day playing in the ocean.

My Purpose

To be happy, healthy, and vibrant. To live a life full of love and adventure. To be an example for others who all deserve the same. Thanks for letting me share with you.